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On-demand phone charging at venues everywhere.

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Phone charging. Reinvented.

We’ve all been there. You’ve been out all day and suddenly that low battery alert pops up on your phone.

If you’re lucky, the bar you’re at might have the right charger for your phone behind the counter. If you’re not, you’re walking or taking the bus instead of calling a car service.

Introducing Ondego; we’re putting portable batteries that charge Android and iPhone phones in bars, restaurants and coffee shops. Users pay as they go; 10kr for every 30 minutes of charging - just like the scooters. To use Ondego, you download the app for iOS or Android that shows you where the nearest charging vendors are. Then you scan the QR code, and you’ll get the portable battery device. You're then free to move around with your Ondego charger and return it to any Ondego venue once done.
What makes it a good investment
  • Venue partners all over Norway
  • Every Ondego station is profitable in 5 months
  • Same business model as scooter sharing
  • Hyper scalable
Why it will succeed
Because dealing with a dying cell phone is a problem that we have all suffered through. With venue employees telling us they get 15 requests a day to charge, and then pointing that towards the Ondego devices, we have a scaleable user acquisition and business model. Charging is just the beginning.


Investors equity
Pre-money val.
21,000,000 kr
Post-money val.
25,000,000 kr

01 Nov. – 18. Dec.

Investor Q&A
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The solution

Ondego solves the battery life problem with a network of super-portable chargers. We give our chargers to bars, restaurants, coffee shops and hotels for free. Consumers pick up a portable charger at their nearest location, and can charge on the go for a small fee, while still using their phones. Consumers no longer need to lug around cables, and merchants get new customers for free

Why it’s a big deal

Everyone has a cell phone, and battery life is the largest complaint we have about them. Getting caught disconnected and without a charge can be a crisis. Ondego’s network of charging stations wants to solve this problem once and for all by making access to a recharge ubiquitous. We have signed over 150 venue partners across Norway by offering the allure of free foot traffic from their user base. But solving the charging problem is only the start.

How it works

Watch Jan Gunnar Solli explain how it works (in norwegian)

Ondego gives you power on demand through its network of portable power banks. Whilst providing venues with a unique marketing tool that drives footfall and increases dwell time.

Find your nearest Ondego station.
Open the app to find stations near you. Ondego stations are located in your favourite venues in the city.
Scan to unlock a power bank.
Scan the QR code on the Ondego station to release a power bank. It’s that easy!
Charge on the go.
Ondego’s portable power banks include cables for all types of phones giving you the freedom to charge on the go.
Return to any station.
You can return your power bank to any Ondego station in the network, from your local cafe to your favourite nightclub.
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Highlighted Features

Cables Included

Charges all phones

With built in lightning for iPhones, USB-C and micro-USB, there are no smartphones on the market Ondego can't charge. You can even charge your headphones or other tech.

Charge Two Phones

So much power

Our power banks have 5000 mah, while a standard smartphone has 2000mah battery. That means, with our power bank, you will have enough power to charge your phone twice.

Compact & Portable

Ultra light and fits in your pocket

The power bank weighs only 142g and fits right in your pocket with almost the same size as your smartphone.

Fast Charging

10% in 10 minutes

No one wants to charge their phones forever. Therefore, we made sure our power banks charge at 1-2% per minute so you don't have to keep it forever to charge.

The Ondego App

A big part of our experience lies in the app, so we've made it a high value task to create an experience that would be intuitive and even transcend between cultures. To fulfill this vision, mobile onboarding—an app’s entry point—must be quick, painless, and easy-to-navigate. Discovering and finding the nearest station must be seemless, and the whole charing experience must feel familiar.

Made in Norway.

We've created our own system from scratch.
We believe that in order to move fast and have the best product market fit, we need to be able to iterate and improve in light speed. The best way to do that is to keep things in-house.

5.0 star rating

Nydelig reddet
Helt nydelig når du nesten går tom for batteri!🤩🤩 Skulle møte noen, holdt på å gå tom - men så reddet Ondego meg😍☀️
Thaily25, 05/07/2020
Fantastisk!Var nesten tom for strøm på vei hjem fra jobb, men henta en ladebank fra Ondego. Appen er lett å bruke og er ikke dyrt å lade. Anbefales!
addieeg, 04/07/2020
Problemfri brukGjør alt den skal! Lett å hente ut batteri, lett å levere. Få batteri i resten av landet også!
Asfhbb23, 20/06/2020
Perfekt!!!Fint brukergrensesnitt
Chessgeekz, 21/06/2020
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Our Stations

The station - 6 power banks
~1200 kr
The cabinet - 48 power banks
~10.000 kr

The Tech behind Ondego

Since we started prototyping in September 2019, we have iterated, redesigned and tested, over and over again, in order to make something we can be truly proud of. Using 3D printers, we have been able to visualise the final product.

The development process

The app is proudly made with Google's Flutter SDK, using Dart as our programming language, which effectively compiles down to native Android and iOS machine code and therefore gives a native experience as if we would implement natively for both platforms.

Our Venues Love us

We're solving a problem for both venues and their customers. Our stations are fully automated, leaving staff to do what they do best and customers can charge their phones at their own convenience, providing a better experience.

“We know that customers find the Ondego service really beneficial. Staff appreciate it too, because they can be asked to charge customer phones an average of 12 times a day, and they can also find themselves responsible for phones that have been forgotten.”
T.G.I. Fridays Oslo City
“Ondego has been a brilliant addition to the service we provide. We actually see new guests coming in to pick up a battery and stay longer as they know they have enough power to get their taxi at the end of night.”
“Ondego; Great innovation, service and completely free set up with continued support. We switched from handing out USB plugs and cables to our guests to installing the Ondego station 2 months ago.
Bølgen & Moi Tjuvholmen

The Business Case

Ondego has the potential to be anywhere in the world. Our business model is hyper scalable.
We spend approximately 1200 kr per station and supply each venue at least one station.


Users so far
without any marketing


Hours charged
so far


Month ROI on station

Business Model

You pay as you go; 10kr / 30 min and max. 50 kr per day. If users fail to return the battery within 3 days, the battery is yours to keep and a fee of 150 kr will be added.

10 kr / 30 min
for users

for venues

Revenue model

Our current objective is to have a fleet of 1000 stations in Norway and possibly Sweden by Q2 2021.

Try me
1 station =
14 kr
410 kr
4920 kr
1000 stations =
14 000 kr
410 000 kr
4 920 000kr
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The Market is Huge

In the top 22 European cities, there are 277 547 hospitality venues alone. Today, we close about 70% of the venues we meet with.

Our business model is simple and resembles the scooter sharing model which is highly successful and hyper scalable.

A Megatrend in China

Power bank sharing, a USD 1.1 billion market, started to take off in China around 2017.

The market volume is estimated at RMB 7.9 billion (USD 1.1 billion) and expected to reach RMB 9.2 billion (USD 1.3 billion) in 2020, according to Chinese consultancy iResearch.

350M+ Users

A Validated Industry

The industry is already backed by trusted professional venture capitalists who believe in our space. This is a massive confirmation that the power bank sharing industry are long term and has great potential to become future unicorns

Tech company with over $4.54 billion in startup book value.
A tech company with investments in 46 unicorns.
VC that has backed companies that now control $1.4 trillion of combined stock market value.
One of the world's most successful early-stage venture firms, with over $3 billion under management.
The innovation and investment unit of Mast-Jägermeister.
A subsidiary of SoftBank focused on investing in tech companies.

How We will Invest the Funds

We are raising investment to accelerate expansion of our proven service into new markets and geographies. The capital will support building a bigger fleet of charging stations and hire greater talent to our team.

The company is valued at NOK 21 million in this issue. Ondego has everything ready in place to expand and plans to buy 1000 new stations. This will result in a turnover of around 7 million with today's figures, but is expected to increase significantly.

If you wish to continue your journey, you can report your interest. You will then be sent detailed information before everyone else regarding the issue.

New fleet of stations
New talent
Marketing & Other

Our Expansion Plans

15 000 stations by 2022

We want to have a footprint in the key European cities and have a dominant market share of all types of venues by 2022.

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Our founding team

Headquartered in Oslo, our team is made up of experienced thinkers, creators, and doers with a trackrecord of impressive accomplishments. We strive to make people's every day better and to push the boundaries of what technology can do.

And Senior Chairman

Petter Kleppan is the Managing Member of a SFO (Single Family Office) of Oakrock Haksen and performs investment activities in Xeilon AS where he is the current Executive Chairman.

He has built companies in Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Middle East and Northern Europe and was the director of offsets and industrial participation at Fast Search and Transfer, as well as the chief architect for Kistler Aerospace Corporation to form RpK post Chapter 11 Proceedings and subsequently won a $207 million contract with NASA in 2006.

See what Petter says

"We are raising investment to accelerate expansion of our proven service into new markets and geographies. The capital will support building a bigger fleet of charging stations and hire greater talent to our team."

Project Timeline

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Investor Q&A

What is Ondego?

Ondego makes sure your cell phone never runs out of battery, by giving you access to a network of portable charging stations that you can use on demand. Battery life is the single biggest problem we have with our smartphones. 80% of us charge our phones every single day, and we're often caught without a way to charge.

We have super-portable chargers that fully charges your phone wherever you happen to be. Consumers with low battery can pick up a portable charger at one of our venue partners, and use their phone while getting it charged. Merchants benefit from increased foot traffic and new customers, through their new phone charging service.

How much does it cost for users?

You pay as you go; 10kr / 30 min and max. 50 kr per day. If users fail to return the battery within 3 days, the battery is yours to keep and a fee of 150 kr will be added.

Eventually brands will be able to make this free for consumers, by running short ads. For instance, the customer could watch a 10 second RedBull spot for a fully charged phone. We have talked with several brands so far about this opportunity.

How do people use it?

When one of our customers is low on battery, our app will notify them of the closest Ondego venue. They just drop by, pick up a portable charger, and start charging.

The Ondego battery is the same as most traditional battery power banks, Ondego batteries come with inbuilt cables. You do not need to have your own cable to use a Ondego portable charger.

What problem does Ondego solve for merchants?

Demand for charging at venues like restaurants and bars is already high. Bartenders we surveyed said guests ask them 10 - 30 times per day for a quick charge. It's a pain for them to deal with, there are rarely enough outlets to go around, and many merchants aren’t willing to charge phones due to liability -- accidents happen behind bars, phones are stolen in busy restaurants. That’s where Ondego comes in. The merchant takes zero responsibility for the phone and can always say: “Yes! We can charge your phone.”

Merchants also benefit from the foot traffic and new customers we drive to their venues. Our customers stop into a merchant to charge their phones, and stay for coffee or a beer.

How many merchants have you signed up?

We’ve secured 150+ merchants in just Norway before covid-19 ceased operations. Right now we’re focused on Norway, but have received a lot of international interest from Sweden and Turkey.

What is your merchant acquisition process?

Right now we pay our salespeople 300 kr for every Ondego station they sign up. We primarily go door-to-door to hand out flyers, and we get the ear of the decision maker. When we get in front of the manager or owner, we have a nearly 70-80% close rate. This makes perfect sense -- Ondego is free for merchants, they get an additional service, and we drive new business directly from the app.

What type of businesses does Ondego target?

In the short term our target customers will be hospitality; bars, restaurants, coffee shops and hotels. But we’ve already received interest from office lobbies, gyms, and public lawns. We also plan to go after airports and malls. There is no end to the variety of potential venues for Ondego -- any merchant that serves smartphone users can use Ondego.

How do you acquire users?

We’ve made zero effort to acquire new users so far -- no marketing spend -- yet 1500+ people have already signed up for Ondego. Our merchants are our best user acquisition channel. To help them do this, we provide Ondego materials to every partner venue, and educate merchant staff members on our solution. We focus most of our efforts on merchant acquisition, not only to ensure our customers always have a charger close by, but also since merchants will on-board thousands of users we could never reach on our own.

What other avenues do you plan to tackle?

Firstly; Ondego chargers are the Trojan horse to get our foot in the door with thousands of venues, for building a huge network of customers by solving a problem that everyone has. Of course, there's also a massive data set involved regarding where and how consumers spend their time and money, with potential for any number of applications.

Second; Ondego is also perfectly suitable for office and home so we're looking closely into making this a all-around solution. B2B sales also is a completley different ballgame, so we believe we can sell cash-up-front to offices.

What are your hardware costs?

We spend approximately 1200 kr per Ondego station with 6 power banks, and we pay 60kr for every replacement battery. Costs fall dramatically with scale, and we're already looking to create a new design and improve our supply chain with larger-scale manufacturing capability.

What does it take for a station to be profitable for you?

It costs us 1200 kr to produce the charging station, 300kr (700-1000kr in the future to speed up sales) in sales commission to acquire the merchant. Our stations make that back in about 5 months based on current number. Everything beyond that is profit.

How big is the market?

In the top 22 cities in Europe, there are about 300.000 hospitality venues alone. In the US, there are 1.5 million potential venues of appropriate size and nature.

The number grows when you take into consideration that Ondego also is perfect for shops, malls, public transport hubs, entertainment venues, offices, tourist centers and more.

How do you protect yourself from competitors and copying?

We have a huge market to share between very few competitors. China is proof that even if a company gets 100M in funding, there is still room for 10 other companies with the same business model to get 100M in funding and yet to have reached full potential in one country.
Just like the scooters, we believe competition is good because it educates the market and reduces marketing expenses drastically. Also, it is a first-come-first-serve market where we secure venues and they only have one provider of shared power bank.

Why is now the time for Ondego?

We’re all fed up waiting for phone companies to provide batteries that last longer. Lithium ion has hit a ceiling in many ways, and batteries aren’t going to get dramatically better for quite a while. New technologies are announced, then fade -- commercializing a new battery technology has proven to be far more difficult than most researchers expect.

Phones have become irrevocably embedded in our everyday lives -- from managing our transportation to checking our schedules, from our source of entertainment to paying for groceries at the checkout counter. Running out of battery is simply not an option, yet it happens day in and day out, all around the world. Ondego will be there -- you'll never need to worry about your battery again.

How do you plan on expanding?

Within 4-6 months, we’ll have Norway covered in Ondego. At that point, we’ll have thoroughly refined and iterated our onboarding process, and we'll begin expand city by city across Europe. Every set of Ondego reaps profit within months, so working capital won't be a large issue. We're looking to start an in-house hardware team - this will allow us to iterate, refine and expand more quickly, with our upcoming iterations of hardware.

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