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Your customers want to stay connected, and Ondego is the most convenient way to keep them charged

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Win new customers.

Actively promote your venue and help customers.
Every Ondego partner will be included on in our for free, giving you direct access to our growing user base.
On average, rentals last 90 minutes.

Our stations

The station
Perfect for restaurants, bars, hotels, cafes, restaurants and stores
We install, manage and maintain the stations at no cost to you. The station simply requirers a power outlet.
Holds 6 power banks
Plug & Play
Self service
Portable power
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The cabinet
Perfect for stadiums, shopping Centres, train stations, airports and large venues
This free standing station requires no mounting or install, simply just a power outlet
Holds 48 power banks
Plug & Play
Self service
Portable power
Advertisement opportunity
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